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50 Powerful Twitter Tactics for Serious Twitter Users: #21-30

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50 Powerful Twitter Tactics for Serious Twitter Users: #21-30 …

21. Digging for other blogs through Twitter:
Twitter is a great way to get some insight into other blogging websites such as Digg and other related sources. This can be a good way to not only find other peoples’ blogs, but link to them and inform other people about their content. By doing a search you can find tons of great blogs on the web that can be linked to your Twitter.

22. Contests are tons of fun on Twitter.

Host an impromptu giveaway contest on Twitter. You can do this every day, every week, monthly, whatever you choose. It’s a great way to get all of your followers to stay interested and engaged, and freebies are always a guarantee of new contacts.

23. Ask for feedback.
Don’t just tell everyone what you’re doing via Twitter, try to ask everyone for their opinion or feedback. It’s a good way to start a dialogue and open up a forum for new suggestions and changes that can be made.

24. Colors matter.
Think about the color scheme of your Twitter page, and try to make it appealing and something that will fit your business’ niche. For example, a NASCAR Twitter page wouldn’t use a pink and red color scheme! Choose colors that fit your message and your style.

25. Fonts are Important, too.
The fonts you use for the main Twitter page should also fit the theme of the business or page.

26. Make Twitter followers feel special
… by offering “Twitter followers only” specials and coupons. This encourages new purchases as well as new followers.

27. Offer more than just Twitter.
If you’re so inclined, let people know they can contact you outside of Twitter via email, text, or even phone. Open up the lines of communication.

28. Use behind the scenes tools.
Don’t forget to look at metrics and what people click on, and from where. This is definitely an invaluable tool.

29. Get into a routine.
Figure out a Twitter rhythm, and then stick with it. Once you get into the flow of posting, your readers will stick with you.

30. Participate as much as possible.
Contribute, and be a part of others’ Twitter pages as well. Don’t just stand in the shadows, or you might lose followers.

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