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Special Separators

Awesome & Unique



Separator with text
Separator text goes here


It really looks awesome


Lorem Ipsum


Small Minimalistic Separator



Separator With “To Top” arrow



Separator with button inside

You can use any button size, or color. Simply use button shortcode inside separator.




Other special separators

You can enter any shortcode inside separators. You can find some examples bellow.






These are just some examples of shortcodes, there are unlimited variations.


Aegaeus comes with super awesome user friendly Shortcode Generator which allows you to create any of many shortcodes in less than 2 clicks. If you prefer the code, you can find it bellow. You can copy-paste it to your page. Comments are annotated with double slashes //

Get the code
// Standard Separator

// Small Minimalistic Separator
[separator small="true"]

// Separator With To Top Arrow
[separator to_top="true"]

// Separator With Text Inside
[separator text="Enter text here"]

// Separator With Shortcode Inside
[separator_shortcode][button title="Button" color="black" link="#" icon="icon-cog"][/separator_shortcode]