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Fresh Breath

A Clean Mouth is a Happy Mouth!

Not all mouthwashes are created equal. Just because you are familiar with a popular brand name doesn't mean it's the best or healthiest. Here are a few reasons why Oxyfresh all-natural mouthrinses are the safer and smarter choice for you and your family.

5 reasons to rethink your mouthwash and get real with ingredients:

1. Sweet Ingredients

We use xylitol, the highly effective, all-natural alternative found in many fruits and vegetables. Xylitol has a myriad of benefits. Xylitol not only naturally reduces harmful bacteria, it reduces tooth decay, increases bone density and prevents ear infections. All this and it has 40 percent fewer calories than sugar and is naturally sugar-free.

2. Oxygene Gets Your Mouth Clean

There's masking odors and then there's neutralizing them. Volatile sulfur compounds are the cause of that stinky breath, and in order to effectively get rid of them they need to be broken down by an oxidization process. The Oxygene found in Oxyfresh products is a non-toxic oxidizing agent that breaks down VSCs that cause odors. These stubborn, foul-smelling compounds get trapped in deep tongue crevices and cause bad breath. The worst part? Toothbrushes aren't designed to reach these deep pockets. The good news is that Oxygene mouthrinses can.

3. The Benefits of Fluoride

Possibly the best fighter for tooth decay and bacteria, fluoride mouthrinse is a great solution for preventative oral care. Oxyfresh Fluoride Mouthrinse with Fresh Mint is the perfect choice for someone wanting extra protection. Our formula is safe for everyone in the family to use. This mouthrinse is especially recommended for those families who live in areas with inadequate fluoride supply in their drinking water.

4. Choose Best For You

Whatever your dental needs are, we have a product specially designed for you. Select the right fit for your needs.

  • Fresh Mint Rinse: Perfect for the whole family
  • Patented Zinc Mouthrinse with Fresh Mint: Eliminates bad breath at its source
  • Lemon Power Rinse: The longest–lasting fresh breath formula
  • Fluoride with Fresh Mint: Basic daily protection against bad breath and tooth decay
  • Unflavored: Uniquely designed for daily use and contains no flavors or sweeteners

5. What You Don't Know

Did you know most popular brand name mouthwashes contain alcohol? Some people say the burn of a mouthwash is proof that it's working, and in one aspect it is. Alcohol is an effective ingredient because it dries the mouth and reduces all bacteria. Ultimately, drying out the mouth and reducing bacteria is harmful. A dry mouth can lead to gum reduction and sores, and some studies show that this can lead to certain types of diseases and cancers. Reducing bacteria is a good thing, but alcohol kills both good and bad bacteria. Children are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of mouthwashes. In fact, The American Association of Poison Control Centers reports there are over 10,000 calls each year involving children and over-digestion of mouthwash.


Fight bad breath for six hours with Zinc, Oxygene®, aloe and lemon-mint flavor.

This formula is naturally flavored using essential peppermint oil and xylitol.

Zinc Mouthrinse delivers hours of fresh breath because it eliminates bad breath at its source.

At Oxyfresh, we stand behind the superior quality of our health and wellness products with a
30-day guarantee.

Closing Thoughts
Your oral health is of the upmost importance. You should be able to count on your oral hygiene products to be safe, natural and effective. It's our job to care about your teeth and we've gone out of our way to make sure our mouthrinses are the best available.

FRESH BREATH FOR LIFE — IN JUST 60 SECONDS· At Oxyfresh, we don't believe in covering up bad breath like other products on the markets. · Instead our cutting-edge formulators helped create products that actually solve the bad breath issues — with no harsh ingredients.
· Our dental products have Oxygene, our secret solution that freshens breath in just one minute.· These products are clinically proven to eliminate bad breath for six hours by neutralizing mouth odors at their source.· Our professional-strength dental products are safe for the whole family and carefully formulated with unique ingredients you won't find anyplace else.
· ALCOHOL-FREE — won't burn
· CLEAR — non-staining formulas protect dental work
· CONCENTRATED — toothpastes last up to 4 times longer
· XYLITOL — natural sweetener helps reduce tooth decay
· OXYGENE — safely dissolves order-causing compounds
CLICK HERE — to Order Now!

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