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50 Powerful Twitter Tactics for Serious Twitter Users: #31-50

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50 Powerful Twitter Tactics for Serious Twitter Users: #31-50 …

31. Mix it up.
Don’t just use Twitter as a promotional site. Try to keep a dialogue going, let people know what’s happening, and other things aside from over promotion.

32. Partner up.
It can never hurt to form a partnership with some of your fellow tweeters. Come up with a network within a network, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

33. Realize there are other avenues, and then expand on them.
While Twitter is great, don’t neglect your other social media sites, blogs, or your own website!

34. Take out the trash.
You can always “unfollow” people who are not posting positive comments, other companies who spam you, or “junk” Twitter friends. Don’t be afraid to clean house every once in a while.

35. Future tweets reap sweet treats.
You can now use tools that allow you to type up your tweets in advance so you can plan ahead, and then they will post to your account when you’re ready. A great time saver!

36. Automated Tweets can help you prioritize.
There are tools where you can select certain topics or sub-topics for notification, so that the topics important
to you will be delivered daily, or however you like.

37. Use the advanced search to your benefit.
Twitter and other tools related to it have advanced search options, so you can really find that niche poster or specified topic that you’re interested in.

38. Use links.
Never mention a resource without linking if at all possible, this way people trust your opinions because they’re backed up with real links.

39. Try not to abbreviate too much.
While Twitter only allows 140 characters and that can be tough to express yourself, try to avoid too many abbreviations.

40. Avoid offending people by using bad language.
While this seems obvious, a lot of people get carried away on Twitter. As a business, you want avoid foul language.

41. Be as thorough as you can …
… when explaining who you are, what your company does, and what you have to offer.

42. Stay away from arguments if possible.
Some people may get obnoxious or belligerent on Twitter. Try to avoid arguments by just ignoring them, otherwise you can dig your own hole and make yourself look bad.

43. Don’t be boring.
Do not talk about what you had for breakfast or the weather. Keep your posts fresh, fun, and interesting.

44. Counts don’t count.
Do not worry about how many followers you have. This can distract you from the quality of your posts.

45. Refuse spammers.
Keep spammers and spam emailers out of your Twitter feed or else they can ruin your page.

46. Ask and ye shall receive.
Don’t be afraid to ask others to retweet your tweets, or to link you to their blogs, etc. Most people will oblige if you just ask.

47. Open up to your audience.
Try to loosen up and have your other Tweeters do the same by being honest, intimate, and real with your readers. People will really enjoy the candid postings and stay enthralled.

48. Offer downloadable material.
You can always offer a PDF download or other material on your Twitter page for people to look at and get more information.

49. Use SEO to your advantage,
… and do not forget to implement important keywords in the Twitter posts.

50. Do not stop abruptly.
If you have to go on vacation, make sure you have a sitin tweeter to fill your post so your readers stay tuned.

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