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How Twitter Can Help Your Business

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I’m sure most of you have heard of Twitter by now. It is a social network that helps people connect and keep in touch by sharing information in the form of Tweets, or little bits of information at a time. You are limited to just 140 characters per Tweet to tell people what you’re doing or share some information you’d like them to know about.

Like most social networks, it is used and was created for individuals to connect, but businesses have also jumped on the bandwagon to get information out about their products and services. This is accomplished by posting tweets that contain information that followers will find interesting. In addition, they are able to include links to their websites or blogs in their tweets that can be followed to direct traffic to their sites.

The key to using Twitter to help your business lies in making sure that the information posted in the tweets is interesting and engaging. The goal is to attract followers who will see each and every post they make. If the post is interesting enough, followers will be likely to retweet the message to their followers. This extends the reach of the message greatly.

One advantage to using social media in this fashion is that it provides a source of free advertising. The message reaches a potential audience much larger than could be achieved with local or television advertising and the cost is negligible.

Once a following is built up, the number of people who click through to a business’s website or blog increases exponentially. This gives the advantage that these people are already interested in what the business has to offer, making them that much more likely to purchase whatever product or service is being offered. This makes the ROI for using Twitter go very high when compared with other forms of advertising.

All forms of social media hold the potential for high returns on investment. Twitter is just one of many sites that exist with this potential. Its advantage over the others is that it has one of the widest reaches and takes the least amount of time to generate content. Due to the limit on the number of characters one can use, they have to keep their messages short and succinct. They must catch the attention of potential customers quickly and convince them to follow up by clicking on the link in the post.

Of course, there is one mistake that many businesses make that causes their attempts at using Twitter, or any other social media, as a means of advertising to fail miserably. That mistake is making overt attempts at selling. People are looking for interesting content, not advertising, when they use sites of this type. One can slip in a short sales pitch occasionally, but effort must be made to provide something of value to readers in addition.

Using Twitter to help your business can be one of the best ways to advertise on the internet. However, one must remember that this site was not created to provide free ad space. That is simply a side effect that can be made use of by smart businesses.

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